Become an Affiliate

Interested in setting up an Account with Mr. Wholesale? Once you have sent in the required documents and your account has been created, you will have access to our “pricing” on-line.

What you will need to set up an Account

A current Business License from your state, Corporate Tax ID#, and your state’s Sales Tax Permit Certification form and a Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Form. Links to most of these form’s can be found below.

State of Virginia:

ST-10 Form (Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption -All Purchases)



ST-10c Form (Cigarette of Exemption - For Cigarettes Only)


ST-4 Form (Sales Tax Permit Certification – Required for All VA Customers)


Out-of-Virginia Customers:

ST-14 Form (Out Of State Resale Dealer Exemption Certificate- Required)          



DISCLOSURE: The information listed is strictly for informative purposes only and not legal advise. Mr. Wholesale has no affiliation whatsoever with the entities listed, nor are they responsible for the accuracy of the information therein. 

Please download and/or send your info to us via postal mail, email in a PDF file, or fax it to (757) 312-0552, prior to ordering any of our products. Please be sure to print your name, company name, phone number and other contact detail properly to avoid delay. 

We will contact you upon receipt of inquiry and give you your login information.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions at (757) 312-0544.