About Us

Mr. Wholesale is a family-owned, wholesale-distributor located in the Tidewater area of East Virginia. Originating in New York as a small convenience store, we eventually moved our business to Florida, and then to Virginia to expand further into the grocery store business before becoming a wholesaler. 
Having first been in the convenience and grocery store business for over 20 years, before getting into the wholesaling business for the past 15 years, we understand our customers' needs on a deeper level because, we too, have been in your shoes. In 2009, we continued our expansion and relocated to our 60,000 square foot warehouse as our own wholesaler and distributor of tobacco, beverages, apparel, snacks, candy, automotive accessories, OTC medicines, household goods, general merchandise, and other various products.
Since our inception in the 1990s, we have strived to help our customers attain their sales goals by becoming a one-stop shop for all of their store's needs. This is the reason for our continuous growth. We value our customers and will do our best to continue to be the #1 provider for all of YOUR customers’ needs.